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Keto Diet & Exercise (Crossfit), Bodybuilding for Women w/ Amanda Milliquet, ND


Dr. Amanda Milliquet discusses tips to exercise and perform at your best while keeping the carbs low.

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02:08 Dr. Milliquet’s Journey: Lifestyle medicine is what drew her to naturopathic medicine, as opposed to traditional medicine. She has a background as an athlete.
05:21 Her Practice Focus: Often patients come to Dr. Milliquet with chronic injuries. She does acupuncture and dry needling for the pain, but also works on the “why”.
07:00 Magnesium Deficiency: Calcium and magnesium compete for absorption. Stress, even from working out, depletes magnesium.
11:22 Strengthening the Rhomboids: Stretching both the major and minor pectoral muscles is the first step.
14:43 Sleep: Turn off your screens at least 1 hour before bed.
18:00 Foam Rolling: Dr. Milliquet finds foam rolling to be very valuable. Cushy rollers are not helpful. If you aren’t in pain, you are not doing much.
19:06 Decreasing Inflammation: Fish oil supplements and eat a healthy diet help to fight inflammation. Happiness is a huge part of health.
21:20 CrossFit Carry-Over:
25:02 Fat Loss: If you want to lose weight, you need to lift heavy weights.
28:36 Deadlifts: Use you hamstrings for deadlifts. Romanian deadlifts are good. For engaging the glutes, the Russian Kettlebell Swing is best.
37:05 Muscle Building Tips for Women: Push yourself to the limit, creating muscle fiber damage so it comes back stronger. Make sure that you are eating enough protein.
38:46 Dr. Milliquet’s Favorite Nutrient: German chamomile (matricaria) is her favorite herb. It is a calming tea.
39:48 Dr. Milliquet’s Morning Routine:
45:15 Dr. Milliquiet’s Elevator Pitch:

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