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About Us

Costa Rica June 2017My name is Keith Baxter and this is my 2 boys and I on a hill in Costa Rica in June.

I've been on a ‘Fat To Fit' journey for a some time now, and haven't been the most dedicated person (I like the finer things in life too!)

I created this KomKeto site to share my journey, provide useful resources, and reviews (both good and bad) of the many products I test.

If there are products you're considering trying, but want to know if they really work, then use the Contact Us link above and shoot me a message with the name and link of the product.

I like to test everything (there's a lot of crap on the market, but a lot of incredible products as well).

We WILL review it and post it here.

Use me as a resource. I'm not a nutritionist or anything like that, but I have a passion for helping people AND my wife IS a nutritionist. I can get you the answers.

Thanks for reading and will leave you with a few more pics from our awesome Costa Rica family vacation!